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Dr. Hauschka Masque Crème Nourrissant 30ml – Pharmacie Darwin

Dr. Hauschka Masque Crème Nourrissant 30ml

Dr. Hauschka Masque Crème Nourrissant 30ml

Hydraterend Masker 

Dr. Hauschka 30ml Protective Mask (formerly Protective Mask) has just seen its name and composition change!

With the constant aim of improving their products, the Wala laboratory has changed the texture of its cream, as well as its natural fragrance.

It is according to the strictest selection criteria for raw materials and manufacturing processes that Dr. Hauschka Nourishing Cream Mask 30ml has been formulated.

The new formula of Dr. Hauschka Nourishing Cream Mask 30ml no longer contains shea butter, candelilla wax or lecithin.

On the other hand, the following excipients have been added: vegetable oil, wheat germ extract, sorbitol, zinc stearate, sodium and a glyceride of fatty acids.


Recommended for fragile, sensitive skin, Dr. Hauschka 30ml Protective Mask calms redness and irritation.

It also helps maintain a good hydration of the skin, while protecting it.

Mode of action:

The anthyllide helps soothe irritation and redness.

This plant of the family of legumes, traditionally recommended for its action on small wounds, will be advantageously used for its anti-inflammatory properties in cosmetics.

The floral wax of Rose de Damas will participate, thanks to its very particular composition, rich in fatty esters, to protect and moisturize your skin.

Jojoba oil, or more precisely liquid Jojoba wax, obtained by cold pressing of seeds from an Arizona shrub, is nourishing and moisturizing. This wax, thanks to extremely stable composition that does not oxidize, even allows to fight against free radicals (true anti-aging action) that are so harmful to the skin!

Quince and witch hazel are used for their moisturizing properties.

Using advice:

The Dr. Hauschka 30ml Face Mask will be applied on the face for about 15 minutes. it will then be necessary to remove the surplus.

You will find below the declaration of the new composition of Dr. Hauschka Mask Nourishing Cream 30ml:

Dr. Hauschka













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